Silent Auction Donations

Our Bowling Tournament and Silent Auction is just around the corner (May 28)!

If you or someone you know has a company with a product or service you would like to donate we would love to have it!  No matter how big or small all would be greatly appreciated!  Donations are starting to arrive.  Let’s make the silent auction a huge success so we can help Olivia do what she wanted to do most – help others!!!

2016 Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations Laila Noujaim!

This wonderful young lady is the recipient of the $1000.00 Olivia Jollota Memorial Trust Scholarship and we could not be more pleased!!!

Laila’s essay embodied exactly what we were looking for in an entry.  She was thoughtful, insightful and truly captured Olivia’s spirit of acceptance and forgiveness with her activities during her three years at Prince Andrew High School.  She no doubt made her school and community a better place for having her in it.

Best of luck to you Laila as you embark on the next part of your life’s journey at Dalhousie University knowing Olivia is with you every step of the way.  She most definitely has your back ♥

2017 Scholarship Recipients 

Congratulations goes to Hailey Brien and Victoria Levangie of Prince Andrew High School 🎓

Hailey and Victoria are the lucky recipients of $1000.00 post-secondary scholarships in memory of Olivia 💜

Olivia loved school!  She had big goals and dreams for her future. We are so pleased other students will get to reach theirs through Olivia’s generous spirit of helping others. 

Good luck in all your future endeavours Hailey and Victoria. May all your dreams come true!

Thank you!!!

Our 3rd Annual Bowling Tournament and Silent Auction fundraiser in support of the Olivia Jollota Memorial Trust was a huge success again this year!  

On May 27 we all came together to do what Olivia loved the most – bowl, socialize and spend money!!!  Thanks to everyone who came and opened their wallets we were able to raise a record $4620.50!!!  

We would like to send out the most sincere thank you to everyone who took bowled in the tournament , volunteered their time and donated items for our Silent Auction and bake table. We would also like to thank those who bought Olivia’s Signature Tree items, made cash donations, bought 50/50 tickets and tickets on the Lottery Tree ( the winner was Archie Pye!). 

None of this can happen without the help of all the volunteers who donate their time ( Nicole, Steve, Sandra, Courtnee, Jenn and Tom) and to the local businesses that donate our Silent Auction items. Thank you to:

Woodside Bowlarama, Jym Line Glassware Ltd., Dartmouth Central Plumbing and Heating, Hirtle Promotions, Sweet Eagle Bakery, Bank of Montreal, Jamieson’s Irish House, Charm Jewelry, Courtnee’s Weighted Blankets, Sharon Pye, Sandra Deveau, Spot Eyewear at Insight Optometry, Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, Subway, Breton Brewing, Good Robot Brewing, Total Body Laser Clinic, Clean Canvas Laser Tattoo Removal, Grand Pre Wines, Campari Canada, EMCO Corporation, J.W. Bird Company, Floatation Centre, J.M.S Driving Academy (Tracey Grabher), Masonic Bingo and Talbot Promotions. 

Scroll down to see some of the great pictures from our fantastic night of fun and laughter all in support of one amazing girl as we continue our mission of helping Olivia do “Great Things”

We look forward to seeing everyone next year when we do this all again!!!

Lottery Tree 2017

We are pleased to share our “Lottery Tree” Fundraiser for Spring 2017!

Don’t miss your chance to win $100.00 worth of Lottery scratch tickets…  You could wind up being Set for Life!

Cost: $5.00 each. Tickets can be purchased by contacting us through the website, on Facebook or during our May 27th fundraiser.

Draw Date: May 27th (during our 3rd Annual Bowling Tournament and Silent Auction 🎳

Good luck everyone 😊

Olivia’s Legacy

As we prepare for our annual Bowling Tournament and Silent Auction fundraiser on May 27th I started to feel like I was letting Olivia down.  I began to sit with this, to try to understand where this feeling was coming from. Here is what I realized. 

There have been very few opportunities to share “Olivia’s Story” with the people I want to reach the most, our youth. (I know Olivia would want others to learn from her mistake, not repeat it). The main way this happens is by being invited in to schools to share her story. I get asked by parents all the time if I would be willing to come to their child’s school and of course I say YES!!!  

However, it is not that easy. It is always a challenge to get administrators to allow “Olivia’s Story” to be heard. My personal belief being they are afraid if students hear her story they will get scared or worse, they will go out do the same…  The fact is, hearing her story will not “make” anyone abuse drugs. This is a very antiquated way of thinking!  This same reason was used when Sex Education was being proposed – if we talk about it, they will do it…  I believe, if we give our youth the correct information to help them develop their critical thinking skills and make safe choices we can only help them, and society as a whole, in the long run. 

As far as being scared, there is no easy, gentle or happy way to tell “Olivia’s Story”. Kids will also be upset they will be sad and they may even cry. And that’s okay. Every parent and educator I have spoken to would rather the kids hear the truth then sugar coat it. 

The fact is kids as young as Grade 5 are experimenting with prescription pain pills. These kids are getting their “facts” from their friends or the Internet!  The dangers of experimenting with pills is not being taught to our students even though there is curriculum in place to assist teachers. However, the new curriculum that addresses prescription pain pills is not an outcome so it does not have to be taught!

So, even though I have not been able to share her story with our students through school presentations I know “Olivia’s Story” has been shared many times in many ways since our last bowling tournament: 

June 2016, CBC News at 6 had a segment which covered the scholarship presentation at Prince Andrew High School which in turn gave me the chance to share why the work of The Trust in memory of Olivia. 

Around Christmas a couple of newspaper articles fr m Wast Hants mentioned The Trust and “Olivia’s Story” which in turn caused increased traffic to our site. 

In March, a short documentary titled “Live On” was created by two wonderful Kings College students, Jess Hirtle and Delaney MacKay. “Live On” was viewed during a documentary showcase on March 24 and will be submitted to the Atlantic Film Festival for a chance to be screened (link will follow at a letter date). 

And over the last several months, coming up to the 5 year remembrance of Olivia’s death, people have been sharing her story via social media either directly or by copying the link to her story from our website while commenting on other stories. I have also spoken directly to many people who have popped in to my workplace. These curious individuals who asked what the items with Olivia’s Signature Tree are for likely got more than they bargained for when I shared the work of The Trust along with “Olivia’s Story” on a very personal level. These wonderful people have then gone home and shared her story with the youth in their lives!  How remarkable is all this?  

Looking back now, having put all that happened in perspective, I can’t believe I ever felt like I was letting my girl down 💗