Olivia Jollota Memorial Trust Scholarship

Olivia was a talented, spirited, non-judgmental and forgiving young person who loved animals, loved to learn and loved to help people in need.  Olivia passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 15 in 2012 while in the final semester of her Grade 9 year.  Some of Olivia’s key attributes include, starting the Gay/Straight Alliance at Eric Graves Memorial Junior High, she prevented a friend from taking his own life, she volunteered to help in the Learning Centre to assist kids with learning and physical disabilities and she planned to volunteer at Bide a While Animal Shelter upon turning 16.  Olivia had her future planned and wanted to be a Funeral Director to be able to help people when they were at their most vulnerable time of need.

2015 was to have been Olivia’s senior year and a Trust has been set up in her memory.  This Trust’s main objective is to establish post-secondary scholarships for graduating high school students.

This scholarship will not be based on your academic abilities but rather the quality of your character.  To apply for consideration we would like a one to two page essay describing how you have made your school and community a better place through the following: inclusion, acceptance of all others, forgiveness, fairness and compassion.

We would also like to see how you plan to use your life to the fullest and to make the most of your future while understanding that this is a gift not enjoyed by all.

Please include 2 letters of reference from a teacher, school adviser or community involvement coordinator exemplifying your attributes in areas of involvement.

2 thoughts on “Scholarship Information

  1. My name is Taylor Manthorne and I am from Yarmouth Nova Scotia. Some things I enjoy doing are sewing, being with my family and doing things with my dog. I have been in sewing lessons since I was in grade 4. I make quilts and gifts for occasions such as Christmas and Easter. I love spending time with my younger brother and helping him with his homework. I am very close with my mom and we spend a lot of time together, going for walks and watching movies. My mom has always been my best supporter and has always believed in me. I have gone through a lot in my life with mental illness and my parents separation at a young age. She has always stuck by my side and made sure I was loved. I am going to university in the fall because of her and I really want to make her proud. My goal is to become a psychologist and help people who are just like me become the best version of themselves. If I were to win this award I would fulfill its sole purpose and use it to do good by helping my education so I can become the best version of myself and help others.


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