Compassion and Kindness Celebrates Olivia!

In honour of Olivia’s 19th birthday on October 23rd we will once again be asking for everyone who knew Olivia or have been touched by her story and the work of the Trust to participate in the 2nd “Compassion and Kindness Celebrates Olivia!” event!!!

You do not need to live in HRM, Nova Scotia or even Canada to participate!  Wherever you are in the world we ask you to commit a random act of kindness or compassion in Olivia’s name on October 23rd.

Last year some wonderful things were done such as donations of money and much needed supplies to local animals shelters, taking hot chocolate to the local Pee Wee hockey practice for all the players, a donation to a hospice in Florida and so many more!  It was an incredible amount of generosity in memory of an incredibly generous young lady who absolutely loved her birthday more than any other day of the year!

A Facebook Event will be created by the Olivia Jollota Memorial Trust Page to be shared far and wide – lets see how big we can make the event this year!!!

If anyone is struggling to come up with an idea you are always welcome to make a donation to Olivia’s Trust and we will spread it among some organizations we would like to see benefit from Olivia’s generosity.

Much love and appreciation in advance to everyone who participates in their own way and please share your stories on our Facebook page if so inclined.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA – you are much loved and honoured ❤Olivia Jazz Hands