Olivia’s Story at LRHS

Words cannot express the appreciation we have for the students, staff, parents and concerned community members of Liverpool Regional High School.

The dedication Jeanie Rhodenizer and Todd Symes shows for their students is obvious and outstanding.  They truly care about the kids and it shows in their actions.

On December 3, 2015 four separate student presentations were given, one for each grade level, plus a parent/community session in the evening.

The respect, kindness and compassion shown by each and every person, both young and old was remarkable.

A lot of information was given about drug abuse by Constable James which was very well received. Anyone watching could see the attention the kids were giving to his presentation. This information portion was followed by the sharing of Olivia’s Story and the response by the students in particular was incredible!

The kids were listening intently and respectfully, there were tears and true compassion. Many came up to us at the end to share their own personal stories and to thank us. We even had kids bring other kids who missed their class session back to attend another grade level session because they knew the importance of hearing Olivia’s Story.  What more can we ask for?

All we can ask is that no other person make the same mistake that Olivia made. Let’s all do our part to end the nightmare of prescription drug abuse, addiction and overdose.

Keep the dialogue open and end the stigma!


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