Sharing Olivia’s Story

We believe the goal of the Olivia Jollota Memorial Trust is simply to help others. We believe that one way is to share “Olivia’s Story”.  We also believe Olivia’s life should not be defined by how she died, but by how she lived.  Her death has, in the past, not been addressed by The Trust on the website. However, we realize were it not for Olivia’s death and her desire to help others The Trust would not have been created.  We believe the two are so intimately intertwined that to not acknowledge how Olivia died is not only a disservice to her but to those whose lives may be altered or saved by reading “Olivia’s Story”.

Please click our link to read “Olivia’s Story“.  Feel free to share her Story with friends, family and especially children of all ages in an age appropriate manner.  If you have any questions feel free to email Dale via the website:

Education and awareness are key to preventing similar tragedies.  We want to save another family from the utter devastation losing a child or loved one creates.  If even one life is changed in a positive way by reading “Olivia’s Story” then we will have made sure her death was not in vain.

Dale has spoken to schools and community groups, media outlets, politicians and various policing agencies about her experience.  She believes “Olivia’s Story” needs to be heard by everyone and anyone who will listen.  Too many lives, young and old are being lost to drug overdose and addiction.

Stigma is the greatest reason most families do not come forward to speak out for fear their loves ones will be thought of poorly.  Those who experiment with prescription pills do not think addiction or death will be the end result. By sharing “Olivia’s Story” we hope to alleviate the stigma associated with drug abuse/addiction and death.

Thank you

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