Sharing Olivia’s Story

We are pleased to announce the next speaking engagement for the Olivia Jollota Memorial Trust.

On Friday, February 26, 2016 we have been invited to share Olivia’s Story with students from Grade 6 to 8 at South Queens Middle School in Liverpool, NS.  Student Support Worker, Shelly Whynot heard Olivia’s Story when we spoke to students at Liverpool Regional High School on December 3, 2015 and had the foresight to realize her message and story needed to be heard by the younger middle school students.

Thank you to Principal Terry Stewart, Vice Principal Stacy Thorburne and Guidance Sonya Cook for allowing us to come to your school on Friday.  We especially want to express our gratitude to Shelly for seeing the value and importance of Olivia’s Story to “open deep and real conversations” with the students of Liverpool.  I personally feel no student is too young to learn from Olivia’s mistake and if we don’t share her message others are destined to repeat it.

We truly appreciate this opportunity and look forward to many more in the future across Atlantic Canada!

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