Thank you so much for donating to the Olivia Jollota Memorial Trust!  100% of the money raised goes back to our community in the form of post-secondary scholarships as well as contributions to worthwhile organizations that benefit youth, animals and those who do not have a voice.  This is what Olivia would have wanted if she were here:)

CHEQUES:  Please send your cheque made payable to:  Olivia Jollota Memorial Trust – send to the address on the right under: Contact Us.

EMAIL TRANSFER:  Please send an email money transfer to for auto deposit


THANK YOU for helping us do what Olivia always wanted to do… help others!!!



2 thoughts on “To Donate

  1. Hello Dale,
    I would like to share Olivia’s story on my social media if it’s ok with you. I want to share her story and you mission and in hopes that you may receive more donations. Would that be ok?


    1. Absolutely! The more we can get the word out the more chances this doesn’t happen again. Thank you so much for caring and sharing and being a part of making a difference 💜


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