3rd Annual Bowling 🎳 Tournament and Silent Auction 

We are very excited to announce the 3rd Annual Olivia Jollota Memorial Trust Bowling 🎳 Tournament and Silent Auction!  

This year our fantastic fundraiser will be held the evening of Saturday, May 27th.  Not only will there be a bowling tournament (winners get bragging rights 😉) and of course our Silent Auction full of amazing prizes, we will have raffle ticket sales for a custom Weighted Blanket (provided by Courtnee’s Weighted Blankets), a Lottery Ticket Basket with $100.00 worth of lottery scratch tickets, a 50/50 draw, bake table and sales of Olivia’s Signature Tree items!!!  

This is, without a doubt one of the best ways we could possibly raise money so we continue to help Olivia do “great things” 💜

Head on over to our Facebook page and click on “Events” for more details 😊

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